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We are Mischief Makers
Founder & Director

Jaymi walked away from a 20-year high-level career in telecoms and financial services with a golden parachute on his back and a powerful urge to put gigantic smiles on people’s faces.


He decided to turn his passion for projection mapping into a viable business and set about using cutting edge visual technology to make eyeballs pop.


From the scabrous streets of Southampton, to cutthroat corporate pressure cookers to the co-creative crucible of The Lab, his remarkable journey’s been underpinned by graft, diligence, pluck, resourcefulness and, most of all, the firm conviction that every person he meets is equally important. 

Art Director

Pedro is a cross-media visual communicator who conjoins visual literacy, strategic thinking and client empathy to complete every project with dedication and a passion for a job well done.


A swashbuckling daredevil who rides two-wheeled rockets like a Luftwaffe dogfighter, a wanderlusted virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist who’s lived, loved, made music, DJed, jammed and composed in melting pots as varied as Porto, Barcelona and Phnom Penh;

From music producer, design strategist, visual thinker, interactive media creator to team builder and pedagogue in Asian higher education colleges, his renaissance spirit is contagious and his eye for detail is minutious.

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