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Truss Me 

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Truss & Rigging

Our unique “jeweler” truss system 100 x 100mm allows us to instantly create practical and aesthetically pleasing pop up frames, cinema screens, flexible bar designs and the support for artistic feature pieces while our 200 x 200mm truss and custom star and circle pieces offer a sleek, flexible and most all, authentic truss solution any function. 

Pipe & Drapes

Our pipe and drape system, 2m - 6m tall, 4.35m wide and 6m deep, can be used as partitions, to wrap entire rooms and most of all, transform the traditional hotel or conference room look into a more contemporary and modern setting. Our drapes in stock are black velour, though other colours and fabrics are available on request.

Lighting & Effects

We also provide lighting, projection equipment, ultraviolet, laser and effects, a range of props and the world class Rebel Decibel Soundsystem, featuring a complete Funktion One sound rig, full production and logistics support including conceptualization, design, sourcing, support, endorsements and licensing, transport, set-up and dismantling.

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