Look familiar?

Radically shift the impact of your live and virtual events


Treat virtual fatigue

the right way.

It’s the globalisation of entertainment.

What will you imagine?

Imagine making your live broadcasts in the form of Saturday Night Live. Or running a pan regional quiz in the style of Jeopardy. How about bringing serenity and calmness using music from Japan? Or perhaps a spoken word performance from New Zealand to convey the sincerity of your brand? Facilitate an entertaining debate and push the boundaries a little. All this is even more possible now that the world has shifted to virtual.


Interactive song making

Virtual belly dancing

Intro to Augmented reality 

Guided meditation 

Virtual event best practices

and many more...

Live and pre-recorded music

Modern fusion dance 

Sand and doodle art

Main event and after-party DJ 

Spoken word and poetry

and many more...


Scripted product launches

Interactive stand up comedy 

Facilitated team building

Pan-regional quiz shows

Virtual Emcee and hosting

and many more...


Hilarious takes,

wacky workshops,

vibrant performers! 

Exhausted all of the life and home hacks the Internet has to offer? Still responsible for creating stand out experiences? It takes a lot imagination to create an amazing virtual event. This is why we feel a balanced programme of fun, participation and amazing performances are all essential ingredients to crafting captivating experiences that inspire people to act.


The antidote to boredom is just a click away.

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